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Tutorial: Double folding star

As there were many questions from you about our beautiful double folding star, we would like to show you the folding process one more time. So that it can decorate your home just in time for the start of fall!

Everything you need

1x paper of your choice

Die 'double folding star

Cutting machine
Folding bone

Cardstock Silbergrau, Tombow Mono, Sizzix Stanzmaschine und Stanze


Punch out a paper of your choice once. In addition to our Home Collection we recommend our new Glossy papers – for this tutorial we used our light grey cardstock, so the folding lines are more visible for you.

Cardstock Silbergrau, Tombow Mono und Stanze

Step 1

Start folding on the long sides of the star shape and place the points of the star on the inside for the time being. Please bear in mind that this side will then also become the inside of the star and will therefore be harder to see.

Step 2

Open the paper again and start folding alternately backwards and forwards so that you end up with an accordion. Make sure that you start folding backwards first, as this is the only way to give the points their shape. It is best to use your folding bone when folding, as this will make the star particularly neat.

Step 3

Now you can open the paper again and focus on the individual prongs. To do this, fold each individual point forwards and backwards once. 

Step 4

Now you have made all the fold lines stronger and can almost put your star together. Open the paper again and put the long sides with the points upright on both sides. Then fold the paper again like an accordion. This works particularly well by gradually pulling each row towards your thumb. 

Proceed row by row and glue the two small tabs to the large tab at the end. Then insert one end of the star into the pocket of the other end.

Your star is now finished!

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We hope you enjoy making your own!

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