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Instructions: Simple gift bag

Especially at Christmas time, the topic of wrapping presents comes up again. But you should also master the simple gift bag for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding anniversaries or for small things in life.

You need very little material for this simple but beautiful mini project.


A paper of your choice is sufficient.

We recommend our glossy paper for this – a real eye-catcher! You can print this wonderfully with a laser printer and stamp it with StazOn or hot emboss it.

You will also need a cutting and folding board , a folder , double-sided tape and a ruler with a pencil.

Step 1

Place a DIN A 4 paper horizontally in front of you and fold it at 9cm from the left edge and 1cm and another 7cm away from the right edge.

Step 2

Fold the left part inwards and the right narrow edge once.

Glue it in place and fold it inwards again, onto the left part. Now glue the two overlapping parts back together.


This means that the opening of the bag is slightly reinforced at the adhesive edge.

Step 3

Now we come to the bottom of the gift bag. To do this, fold the lower part up 6cm.

Step 4

Open the bottom flap and press the left and right sides down to form triangles.

Step 5

You can then fold the top part of the base down and glue it in place. The bottom half of the base is then folded up so that it overlaps the top and ends at the top edge. This is now also glued in place.

Step 6

Now you have the marking for the width of the base and you can continue it along the edge. To do this, fold the edge vertically once on the left and right.

Your gift bag is now ready and you can shape it from the inside out, fill it and design it however you like!

Little things and homemade things are so much more fun, just when you hand them over.

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Ich bedanke mich ebenfalls ganz herzlich für die toll bebilderte Anleitung, die sicherlich nicht nur für die kommenden Feiertage Anwendung finden wird. Herzliche Grüße Susanne


Herzlichen Dank für die Anleitung, wird in der Adventszeit sicher zur Anwendung kommen.
Liebe Grüße


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