Treatbox mit Chiffon Schleife

Instructions: Treatbox

Especially now in Advent there are so many little things that can be beautifully packaged.

This treat box is really quick and easy to make. It looks magical and offers plenty of space for lovely gifts.

What material you need:


  • (1x) sheet of design paper for a box

    (for the optional tabs in the box at the end you will need a second sheet of design paper)

  • Optional: some ribbon





overview of materials and tools

Step 1

Cut and fold design paper



Take the design paper and cut it to the dimensions 27 cm x 30.5 cm. When choosing the design paper, remember that the design will be the wrong way around in some places on the box because it is folded from a sheet. If necessary, choose a more neutral motif.



Now place it with the long side on your folding board and fold it at: 8 cm - 13 cm - 21 cm - 26 cm


Turn the paper clockwise and place the short side against the folding board. Fold it here at 5 cm and 22 cm.

Now you need to draw more diagonal fold lines. To do this, grab your folding pencil and a ruler . Draw four fold lines from corner to corner as shown in the sketch.

sketch for folding
Fold with a set square and a folding pencil





Next, the corners highlighted in gray must be cut off. The tab that remains there will ultimately become the insertion tab of the box.

sketch for cutting

Trace all the fold lines you drew once with the bone folder.

folding with bone folder
paper folded

Turn the design paper so that the unprinted white side is on top. Apply glue to the areas marked in gray here. Then fold the entire strip, which also contains the glued triangles, towards the middle. Paint the glued triangles in place.

folding with bone folder
paper folded

You can round off the corners of the insertion tab with a corner rounder . On the opposite side you can punch out a semicircle in the middle. With this opening, the box can be opened more easily at the end using the insertion tab.

Corner of paper is rounded
rounding punched out

step 2

Complete the basic shape

Cut the tabs to size
Cut the tabs to size and round them off

The cut tabs now need to be glued to the inner box.

Using the adhesive tab, stick them to the short side walls that border the bottom of the box. They ensure that the box has a nicer edge when opened.

Glue tabs with Tombow
Glue tabs to the box

Now you can fold the box from the short sides into a box using the folded edges. To close the box, push the insert tab into the pocket on the opposite side. You can also wrap a nice ribbon around it.

Treat box

Congratulations, your box is ready! You can now fill and decorate these as you wish.

Treat box open
finished treat box with chiffon ribbon

We hope you enjoy crafting.

From us for you

Jennifer & Janine


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