Magical Powders mit ausgemalten Streifen

Magical Powders - small jar but big miracle

Do you already know our Magicals?

For years now we have been big fans of the small magical color jars!

We would love to tell you what’s really behind it:

Designed by Lindy’s Stamp Gang and loved by thousands:

Lindy’s Stamp Gang is an American company which we love from the bottom of our hearts! With her heart in the right place, Tracey Brown now runs the company, which was originally founded by her mother in 1994. What today completely focuses on color creations, started with just a handful of stamp designs. That’s how her mother's name, Lindy, and her father's name, Wolfgang, merged into Lindy's Stamp Gang.

But what are the magical Magicals?

Each little Magical Powder is a small color explosion. Although they look delicate and soft in their jars, they unfold incredible color mixtures as soon as they hit a medium, such as water.

Brilliant blue, vibrant pink, deep black – each Magical is a little miracle!

The highly pigmented powders create the most stunning effects practically out of nowhere. With shimmer or without – they transform everything into a real eyecatcher!

Magcial GIF

And here’s how to use them:

Magicals are extremely versatile and can be combined with pretty much any medium there is.

You can easily pick the powder up with a dry brush and spray it with a little water, or go straight into the jar with a damp brush to use is like a watercolor.

Verwendungsbeispiel der Magical Powders als Wasserfarbe
Verwendungsbeispiel der Magical Powders als Wasserfarbe ausgemalt

Our Tip: Since Magicals are pigment powders, you can also mix them with each other and thus create your own personal color.

There really aren’t any limitations, since they really should do one thing above all: create fun with color for everyone!

But beware: you really shouldn’t sneeze while this jar is open…

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Die Pülverchen sind wirklich magisch und verzaubern mich jedes mal.


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