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Technical Know-How • Fiskars eyelet puncher

To set an eyelet and create holes quickly and easily without any additional tools, we recommend the Fiskars eyelet punch.


In this article we will explain to you exactly how this all-rounder works:


Take a firm, stable surface (preferably wood or a craft mat) and place your paper or material for the holes in front of you. This can also be thicker material such as cardboard or fabric.

Create a hole

Start with the black tip of the eyelet punch (available in 2 sizes as a set), pull the back part of the “pin” up and then release this part again.

Thanks to the spring, the momentum and the resulting force, the perforation is easily accomplished. Do not pull too hard on the back part and it is better to repeat this step twice with less effort.

The punch has an opening at the front to remove punched out material. If this doesn't come out on its own, use tweezers to remove any residue.

Insert eyelets

Now you can put both parts of the eyelet together by putting the pin through the hole and connecting it to the ring from the other side.

Then place the sheet back in front of you (with the pin pointing upwards) and turn the eyelet punch over so that you place the metal side of it on the eyelet rings.

Just like before, pull the back of the punch up and let it fall down. The two parts of the eyelet are pressed together in shocks and your eyelet is set.

And that's it! Really easy to use, right?

This means you can use eyelets in all your projects using the simplest means and without spending a lot of time .


Whether it's a bookbinding project, mini album or just for decoration, we think the eyelet punch is great and hope we could inspire you to give it a try.


We hope you enjoy crafting!

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