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Technical Know-How • Memento Dew Drops

Today we're taking a closer look at the Memento Dew Drop ink pads from Tsukineko. The small ink pads are available in a wide range of colors.

They are colorful and bright and can be used for different materials. But what happens when you mix them, for example with water or in a texture paste. Can I stamp on wood or ceramic?

General information about the ink pads:

  • Water-based stamp ink
  • Dye ink
  • Archival (lightfast)
  • Fast drying

First we start with “normal” stamping… on house collection / design paper , kraft paper and vellum. For today's test I used the following colors: Lilac Posies, Lady Bug, Tangelo, Cantaloupe and Dandelion.

House collection/design paper

Due to the transparent, water-based nature of the stamp ink, the ink on the stamp tends to look a little blotchy. It does not completely cover the stamp. You can also see that here in the house collection.

Memento on house collection

Kraft paper

On the kraft paper there is a rather inconspicuous, almost colorless end result. Here you can clearly see the transparent look of the ink pad.

Memento on kraft paper


The stamp impression on the vellum even looks a little blurry. At first it looks good, but the longer you leave it, the blurrier the image becomes.

In the second attempt, I sprinkled the wet stamp impression with transparent embossing powder ( WOW Clear Gloss ) and heated it. The image is clearer and cleaner than the first print.

Wood & Ceramics

Now let's see how the Memento Dew Drop stamp ink behaves on other surfaces. I stamped on a tree slice next. I'm really surprised at how good the print turned out. Immediately afterwards I stamped on a cast ceramic figure and was also pleasantly surprised.

Memento on wood and ceramics

Stencil & Blending Brushes

We have now tested the first substrates and know how the color behaves.

Now let's try to get them through a stencil with a gradient.

I picked up the “ Star Pattern ” stencil and started on a card.

The Dew Drops are nicely saturated and can be easily blended through the stencil with a blending brush .

The gradient is beautiful and easy to achieve. I started with the red and slowly worked my way up to the yellow. It is important here that the stencil is secured with masking tape , for example, so that it does not slip.

Memento through a stencil

The Memento Dew Drop ink pads can also be used to color stamped parts . With a little skill you can create a beautiful ombre effect and design each piece completely individually.

In my example I used the poinsettias and think the result is really nice.

Texture paste

Then I had the idea of ​​inking a texture paste with a Dew Drop ink pad.

To do this, I put some of the Oyster Stencil Butter on a piece of foil and stamped the Lady Bug stamp pad (red) onto the foil a few times and mixed the two together with a painting knife .

What can I say, it works really well. The oyster paste has become a beautiful metallic shimmering salmon pink.


As you can see, the Memento Dew Drop ink pads can be wonderfully combined with different materials and surfaces and are therefore extremely versatile in use.

I hope I was able to encourage you to experiment a little with this post and say as always:

Have fun crafting!

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