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Instructions: Simple envelope

To mark the introduction of our vouchers into the world of adventure, we want to show you today how you can easily make a suitable envelope. So you can quickly conjure up a little surprise for your loved ones with the voucher.

Step 1

Cut and fold design paper

Cut the paper to dimensions 22 x 26.5 cm. Place it with the short side on your folding board and fold it vertically at 10.5 cm and 21 cm. Now turn the paper over and place it with the long side on your folding board. Fold it at 4cm and 25.5cm.

Tip: When choosing design paper, remember that the design on the closure flap will be the wrong way around because the envelope is folded from a sheet.

step 2

Cut the basic shape

Now cut out your basic shape. Orientate yourself on the lines and points marked in red. Place the short side of the paper in front of you so that the 1cm flap is on the right. Now cut away the 1 cm wide flap at the bottom left, along the horizontal fold, up to the 10.5 cm fold line. At the top right, cut away the area from the 10.5 cm fold, along the horizontal fold, to the right edge.

Now the adhesive tabs and closure tab still need to be tapered. Start with the adhesive tabs. To do this, take a ruler and measure a distance of 1 cm from the corners of the narrow tabs. At the bottom right corner with the folding cross, extend 1 cm from the respective fold lines. Mark the points with a pencil and taper the tabs with scissors to the marked points. For the top closure tab, measure a distance of 0.5 cm from the corners and taper the tab here too with scissors.

To make it easier to pull out the contents of the envelope at the end, you now have to cut a small opening in the front of the envelope. To do this, measure a distance of 1 cm from the left and right fold lines and a height of 2 cm. Mark the points and connect them to form a cutting line. Cut out the opening along the drawn line. You now have your basic shape ready. Now trace all the fold lines with a bone folder.

step 3

Glue the envelope together

Now attach double-sided tape or liquid glue to the 1 cm wide tabs.

Fold the area with the closure flap over and glue the envelope together using the adhesive flaps.

To close it, you can, for example, tape the envelope shut or install two eyelets with which the envelope can be tied with a beautiful ribbon.

Attention: Make sure to attach the eyelets before gluing them together, as this makes them easier to insert. Of course, there are no limits to your own ideas for additional closures.

You can find detailed instructions for the Fiskars eyelet punch here:

Technical knowledge • Fiskars eyelet punch

Congratulations, your envelope is ready and can now be filled or decorated as desired.

How about one of our vouchers, for example?

We hope you enjoy crafting.

From us for you ⭐

Janine & Dina

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