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Blender Brushes Set

Blender Brushes Set

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Taylored Expressions

We love tools like this Blender Brush Set, which is perfectly crafted!

The simple yet ingenious idea of this 6-piece brush set is the monochrome handles, each of which you can assign a colour family.
Take the self-adhesive stickers of the respective colour and simply attach them to your brush. This way you can work quickly and cleanly without dirtying the colours or having to constantly clean your tools.
With the fine white bristles, you can create smooth, delicate colour transitions for fantastic works of paper art!

Contents: 10 brushes, 18 stickers
Brush length: 15,24 cm
Size of brush head: 38mm
Material: synthetic bristles

Tip: Clean the brushes with mild soap and water.

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Dimensions Brushes: approx. 1,4 inch x 6,0 inch | Maße Pinsel: ca. 3,5 cm x 15,2 cm

Content: 10 Brushes

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