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Bundle 'Planatol'

Bundle 'Planatol'

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Book glue and block glue as a bundle!

Planatol Book Glue BB is the classic book glue used by professionals, as well as by my design team, to bind books and build boxes.
The book glue is viscoplastic and can be thinned with up to 10% water without any problems.
It is ideal for applying with foam rollers or with a brush.

Planatol Block Glue is a further development of the classic and is specially designed for gluing the spine of notebooks, writing pads or calendar pads.
The glue ensures a clean tear of the sheet from the spine, so that perforation is not necessary.
If you bevel the paper very slightly when applying the glue, it will spread well at the end of the sheet. Please press firmly when drying.
Tip: We like to mix colour pigments into the glue, which dries transparent, and then let us surprise ourselves.

If you close the tins well and store them in a cool, dry place, they will keep for a long time.

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