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Paper 'Black 130g'

Paper 'Black 130g'

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The drop paper captivates with its honesty. Water drops give this natural paper its wonderfully unpredictable texture. This drop marking reminds us of handmade paper.
Despite the handmade appearance, the paper is hard-wearing and suitable for all bookbinding and box-making work, as well as mini albums. Of course, gifts wrapped in it look magical. .
Due to the drop finish, each paper is unique and so is each paper work. .
Tip: When using it for bookbinding, we recommend using white screen printing board as a backing material for the light colours. .
Of course, this paper is 100% recyclable, FSC and REACH certified.

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Dimension: 12,4 inch x 12,0 inch| Maße: 31,5 cm x 30,5 cm

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