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Bundle riveting tool and ring binder mechanism 'Antique pink dark'

Bundle riveting tool and ring binder mechanism 'Antique pink dark'

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Alexandra Renke

Use our starter set bundle, consisting of a high-quality riveting tool for double hollow rivets and a ring binder mechanism set.
With this bundle, you have everything you need to create a book with a ring mechanism.
The rivets are inserted into the tool and a hammer blow on the rivet pin knocks the rivet together.
Due to the shape of the base, the rivet head remains round and is not knocked flat.

Each ring binder mechanism is supplied with two double hollow rivets in matching colors. Their long shank makes them particularly suitable for thicker spine materials up to 4 mm. Of course, other rivets with a diameter of 4mm can also be used.
The rings can be opened and closed at any time to add or remove sides. They are therefore perfect for creating mini albums or for filing your favorite projects.

We have carefully selected our colors to match our collections, so that the mechanism and design paper blend together to create a perfect overall picture.

Riveting pin 9 mm Ø, pad 18 mm Ø
Ring diameter: approx. 3.0 cm
Distance between the rings: 7.5 cm

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Dimensions Ring binder mechanism: approx. 4,9 inch x 0,8 inch x 1,2 inch ⌀ | Dimensions chisel: approx. 3,0 inch x 0,4 inch |Maße Ringbuchmechanik: ca. 12,4 cm x 2,0 cm x 3,0 cm ⌀ | Maße Schlageisen: ca. 7,5 cm x 0,9 cm

Content: 2 mechanics, 4 color-matching rivets, chisel and pad

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