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Cut Easy Mini Cutting and Embossing Machine Ivory

Cut Easy Mini Cutting and Embossing Machine Ivory

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The Mini Cutting and Embossing Machine 'Cut Easy' is a pioneer in its size and can easily be used right on the spot.
Any type of die can be used and the machine cuts easily up to 200g as well as thin felt.
When placing the Cut Easy Mini on your desk it should be connected properly by pressing a small lever down.

How and in which sequence the plates should be used is described in the enclosed Manual.
Each plate will be worn out at some point over time and should be replaced.
1 Base Plate (2137-045)
1 Cutting Plate (2137-045)
1 Embossing Plate (2137-045)
1 Silicone Rubber Pad (2137-040)

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Content: 1 Base Plate, 1 Cutting Plate, 1 Embossing Plate, 1 Silicone Rubber Pad

Suitable materials: paper up to 200 g/m² and thin felt. Information supplied according to manufacturer´s data.

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