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Distress Watercolor Pencils 'Kit 1'

Distress Watercolor Pencils 'Kit 1'

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Experience elegant colored pencils with special colors.

The first IROJITEN colored pencil was sold in Japan as early as 1988. The high-quality colored pencils are available in numerous shades, including extraordinary pastel and neon tones.

TOMBOW IROJITEN are handmade colored pencils made of high quality wood. The solid, wax-based leads are ideal for creating precise lines and details. Overlapping colors are possible without much wax accumulation.

The word "IROJITEN" is Japanese and means color encyclopedia. The perfect name for a pen that comes in different editions in a beautiful book ribbon look. All pens come with a stylish creamy white finish and an end piece that matches the color.

Contents: vol.1 Pale tone - Orchid pink, Coral pink, Shell pink, Narcissus, Lettuce green, Ice green, Aqua, Forget me not blue, Lilac, Pigeon gray | vol.2 vivid tone - Cherry red, Tangerine orange, Dandelion, Chartreusse green, Parrot green, Peacock blue, King fisher, Lapis Lazuli, Iris violet, Ivory black | vol.3 deep tone - Crimson, Chestnut brown, Autumn leaf, Maple sugar, Olive yellow, Elm green, Forest green, Midnight blue, Mulberry, Taupe

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Content: 12 Pencils

highly pigmented | The pencils are pure pigment without wood coating

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