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Hole Punch 'Square'

Hole Punch 'Square'

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With this punching pliers with Square motif you can easily give your paper projects that special something.
Use the punched out motif in a shake card, for example, or play with the negative space that is created during punching. Let your creativity run wild!

Tip! Punch through aluminium foil several times at regular intervals to sharpen the punch and keep it sharp.

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Dimensions: approx. 1,6 inch x 3,9 inch | Dimensions of the punched out square: approx. 0,4 x 0,4 inch | Maße: ca. 4,0 cm x 9,8 cm | Maße des ausgestanzten Quadrats: ca. 0,6 x 0,6 cm

Content: 1 punch pliers

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