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WOW Mixed Media Powder 'Mud Pie'

WOW Mixed Media Powder 'Mud Pie'

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WOW Embossing Powder

WOW Mixed Media Powders are the best friends for anyone who wants to add color to their paper projects. Use them freely or in combination with stamps and embossing ink pads to give your designs an embossed appearance.

And this is how it's done:
Find a stamp of your choice and dab it with an embossing ink pad.
Stamp your design and sprinkle plenty of WOW Embossing Powder over it. Then shake off the remaining powder - to avoid wasting any, we recommend placing a sheet of paper under your work so that you can quickly and easily pour the remaining powder back into its can.
Now all you have to do is to apply heat to the powder. Use an embossing heat tool and watch the powder melt to make your design shine.
Be especially careful here: embossing heat tools get very hot and should not be held too close to the paper to ensure that your work will not be damaged.

Mixture (X) Mischungen aus normalem, superfeinem oder ultrafeinem Pulver. Opaque - Marbling (OM) opaque, the underlying color is not visible, creates a marble effect.

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Content: 15 ml

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